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Photos - 2007

Progressive Dinner

Drum Point, Wye River, Sep 15-16

We decided to try a Progressive Dinner at this raft-up. The plan was to have four rafts and four raft captains to host different courses, i.e., Happy Hour, Appetizer, Entrée, Dessert. There was a lot of wind, so some boats anchored separately and everyone used a dinghy to get from course to course. There were 13 boats, divided up as follows:

Pekabu, Foxfire, and Coelumar and The Goose



Jubilee, Ragtime and Andiamo in a raft

Frisky Business

Jubilee, Ragtime and Andiamo in one raft and Summerset, Ayewash and Lucia in another

Kim aboard Summerset rafted to Ayewash

Lucia rafted to Ayewash

Happy Hour starts aboard The Goose

The Happy Hour flag, among others, flying on Coelumar

More arrivals aboard The Goose

… and more arrivals …

… and more arrivals …

… and more arrivals

View of The Goose from Coelumar

Al and Jim chat aboard Coelumar

Walt chats with new members Kim and Bryan

Heading to Resolve for appetizers










It must be entrée time aboard Ragtime, Andiamo and Jubilee

Meatball and sausage sandwiches aboard Andiamo

Curry chicken aboard Ragtime



Veal and pasta aboard Jubilee