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Photos - 2007

Cruise the Bay

Norfolk and return, June 16 - July 1

Over the two week period, 10 CCYC boats sailed south, 7 all the way to Norfolk. We started at the CCYC Summer Stock Raft-up and ended at the CCYC Blue Moon Raft-up, with a whole lot of fun in between.

The flotilla consisted of:

Sunday, June 17, in Dun Cove, after the Shaw Bay raft-up. The first of 14 Happy Hours.



Monday, June 18, we head from Dun Cove to Solomons. As Troubador shows, there was no wind and everyone ended up motoring.



After we arrived in Solomons, we had a cookout arranged by Dave & Lois Zonderman (Walkabout) and Dave & Pat Marchant (Illumination).





Dan, John, Betty and Lucia say it's time to start grilling.

Ed, Roy, Rod, Pat, Marian and Elizabeth start the other grill

Lucia, Connie and Betty wait for the cooks

Ed, Rod, Philip, Roy, Diane and Marian talk shop

Tuesday, June 19, we spent another day in Solomons and decided to have dinner at Stoney's Kingfisher Restaurant.



Wednesday, June 20, we left Solomons and headed for the Great Wicomoco River. There was plenty of wind so when we reached the river, we anchored separately. Shown here are Ayewash, Ragtime, Walkabout, Delos and Lucia.

In route, Troubador's packing nut failed and they started taking on water. Luckily, Sea Rescue was able to take them in tow in time, with Pekabu as escort. Troubador spent the night in Reedville for repairs.


Ragtime, Delos, Walkabout and Mugwhump

Ragtime, Delos, Walkabout and Lucia

Andiamo and Mugwhump

Pekabu (after arriving from Reedville), Brunelle and Ragtime


Brunelle, Ayewash and Ragtime

Walkabout, Delos and Lucia

Thursday, June 21, Lucia flys their kite as we leave the Great Wicomoco River and head for the Rappahannock River and the Tides Inn.



Brunelle approaching the Route 3 Norris Bridge over the Rappahannock River.

The fleet tied up at the dock.

We kinda took over the dock.

Pekabu and Andiamo in the foreground

Ayewash and Walkabout in the foreground

We had dinner at the Tides Inn



View of the dock from the restaurant


Dan's Happy Birthday dessert

Friday, June 22, Lucia and Walkabout had to leave the flotilla and head home. The rest of us decided to spend another night at the Tides Inn, but had to move to a different dock with, as it turned out, rather shallow slips. Dan, is it considered running aground if you're trying to get into your slip?

With everyone set, we had Happy Hour and a dinner cookout.





Saturday, June 23, we head down the Rappahannock River on our way to the York River and Yorktown.




Ayewash and Troubador tied up at the Yorktown waterfront

Delos, Mugwhump, Andiamo, a Hunter (!), Pekabu, Ragtime and Brunelle


Andiamo, Mugwhump and Delos

The beach next to the marina

The Yorktown Waterfront

Sunday, June 24, we leave Yorktown and head to Norfolk. Brunelle left the flotilla and headed home. Several times, dolphins came near the boats.



Ragtime, Mugwhump, Pekabu and Troubador tied up at the Watersides Marina in Norfolk.

Andiamo and Ayewash at the marina

Delos, with Ragtime, Mugwhump, Pekabu and Troubador

Joe giving Delos a wash-down

After spending two nights in Norfolk, the flotilla left Norfolk on Tuesday, June 26. Ragtime leads the way.

Andiamo passing Wolf Trap lighthouse