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Photos - 2007


Quiet Waters Park
Harness Creek off South River
May 5-6

The forecast called for sunny skies and balmy temperatures, but what we got was a different story. Cloudy skies, cool temps and occasional showers couldn't dampen the spirits of the CCYC crew. "We're sailors, we're tough! " members exclaimed as we had a fashion show of everyone's foul weather gear. The following members came by land and sea and converged on the Dogwood Pavilion at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis:

We enjoyed a wonderful feast provided by everyone, and each other's good company. Jerry held court at the end with a growing group of couples interested in joining in for part or all of the 2 week cruise to Norfolk.

Everyone is looking forward to a great sailing season to come.

Lura, Kathy, Roy and Jean

Diane, Richard and Lois

Martha, Marie and Jeanne

Jean, Lura, Kathy and Roy

Mike and Debbie talk to new member Jeanne Bond and guest

Dan and Mario

Pete, Kathy and Jean

Martha, Marie and Mike

Jeanne, Jeane, Dan and Diane



Joe and Diane


Lori, Martha and Marie


Vicky, Chris and Al

Watching your food or trying to stay warm?

Dave, Lois and Dave

Dave, Mike and Marie

We're cooking now!

Dan, Al, Chris and Vicky

Marilyn, Jon, Dan, Lori, Martha and Marie

Mike, Jon, Marilyn, Debbie, Sue and Walt

Dave and Lois

Jon and Marilyn

Stan, Joan, Walt and Sue

Dave and Lois

Lori, Marie and Gerry

Sue, Stan, Joan and Walt

Jon, Marilyn and Debbie

Kathy, Pete, Gerry, Mike, Lori, Roy and others

Martha and Dan

Jean, Richard, Stan, Joan and Wayne

Happy Birthday, Wayne

Mike, Jon, Marilyn, Debbie and Sue

Lura and Roy

Dave, Dan, Pat and Dave

Dan, Pat, Dave and Martha

Richard and Ramses

Gerry talks with the Norfolk cruisers

Marilyn, Debbie and Jon head back to their boats