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Photos - 2007

Italian Dinner

Yates Landing, February 24

Mike and Marie Yates (Prego) invited CCYC members to their home for an Italian dinner. With Head Chef Marie, MaryAnn McBride (Coelumar) and Mario Taisch (Sea Cara) were co-chefs for an evening of dining decadence, Italian style. Ably assisted by their spouses, Mike, Don and Lori, the chefs prepared a fantastic meal and accommodated the crowd.

As Commodore Bob told Marie:

"On behalf of the CCYC membership, I want to thank you again for all the hard work and dedication that made last evening such a memorable event. If we were in the military, I would nominate you for the Distinguished Service Medal. Everyone was impressed with your ability to not only feed so many with such excellence, but with charm and grace."

"At one point, I heard Mary Ann express surprise at the amount of food that was consumed. If I am an example, no one went home hungry."

"We also recognize the competent assistance that was provided by Mary Ann and Mario as well as the tolerance of Mike to allow the CYCC Horde into your lovely home."

That horde consisted of:

Trattoria Yates

Head Chef Marie

Lori, Marie and Mary Ann

Chefs Mary Ann, Mario and Marie

Chefs Mary Ann, Mario and Marie

Chefs Mary Ann, Mario and Marie

Marie knows how to start

Ready to go!

Mary Ann, too

Marie and Mary Ann check out Mario's "Leaning tower of pasta"

Caution - Chef at work

Mario, too.

Directing traffic






Break time


Kathy, Dave and Carol



Commodore Bob

Mike D, Mike Y and Jim

Jim, Michelle, Lori, Diane, Martha, Mike D and Dan

Sue and Bob

Walt, Gerry, Mike, Dan, Martha, Diane and Lori

Judi and Mario

Lori, Dave, Carol and Dan

Kay, Bob, Gerry and Don

Lucia, Don, Marie, Mary Ann, Richard, Stan, Joan, Diane and Kathy

Pete, Roy, Martha, Jeanne and Lura

Marie giving directions about starting the meal

Attentive (hungry) listeners


Carol and Jeanne

Debbie, Suzanne and Jim

Dan, Martha, Lori, Mike and Mary Ann

Waiting their turn

Don, Lynne, Wayne, Stan, Joan and Betty

Dave, Carol and Dan

Pete, Kathy, Lura, Roy and Steve


Diane, Ray, Don, Kay and Lynne

Debbie, Suzanne, Vicky and Jim

Martha, Lucia, Bev and Mike

Roy, Lura, Steve, Judi, Sallie Moore, Lynn and Pete

Lucia, Bev and Mike

Roy, Steve, Judi, Sallie Moore, Lynn, Pete and Kathy

Marilyn, Jon and Walt

Dave, Carol, Dan and Vicky

Jim, Michelle, Dave, Carol, Martha, Dan and Marilyn

Dave, Carol, Dan, Marie, Martha and Mike

Roy, Lura, Steve, Judi, Sallie Moore, Lynn, Pete and Don


Mary Ann and Mike

Lori and Mario