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Photos - 2007

Blue Moon Raft-up

Selby Bay, June 30 - July 1

June 30 was a Blue Moon (a second full moon in the same month), so 12 boats sailed to Selby Bay to celebrate.

The party consisted of:

Raft #1 - Coelumar, Tink, Sea Cara, Resolve and Frisky Business, with Pekabu in the background

Raft #2 starts as Lucia joins Ayewash and Ragtime

Prego joins raft #2

Scimitar finds a shoal …

… but makes it to raft #2


The man and the moon

Margaret, Debbie, Jon, Marilyn, Lori and Mike V. aboard Sea Cara

Mario's gifts

The group starts to gather for Happy Hour


Lori and Don

Lucia and Bob arrive

Mike and Marie arrive

Marilyn, Mike D., Mario, Bev and Jon

Lori and Marie

Don, Mike D., Bob and Pete

Everyone feasting on Mario's lasagna


Gerry, Pete, Mike V., Bob, Jon and Mike D.

Jeanne, Bev, Margaret, Debbie, Gerry and Pete

Mike Y., Jeanne, Bev and Margaret

Mike D.


Kathy and Margaret tend to the lasagna


Mike V., Debbie, Phil, Ray, Gerry, Don and Pete


Margaret and Mario cleaning up the galley

Getting set up for the Blue Drink tasting











And the winner is Lucia


The sun sets on another Happy Hour

Mario's Blue Moon

Debbie volunteers to go up Tink's mast

All eyes are on Debbie