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Photos - 2019

Labor Day Weekend Cruise

La Trappe Creek
Aug 31 - Sep 2

The Labor Day rendezvous must be considered a total success. On Saturday, two rafts formed in La Trappe Creek just inside the sand spit. Andiamo served as anchor boat for Brunelle and Ragtime while Bay-Tripper served as anchor boat for Ayewash and Southern Cross. Bay Wind, Dulcinea and Viewfinder anchored alone nearby. Heavy hors d'oeuvres of all types and libations were dinghied over to Bay-Tripper for an evening of friendship and fun. All were having so much fun and quite satisfied with the venue that all decided not to move on to Boby Owl Cove.

On Sunday morning, all came over to Bay-Tripper again with all sort of foods for a delicious brunch as Hank served Bloody Marys and Mojitos.

The nine crews were:

Many thanks to the attendees for making this a wonderful event.

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photogs Hank, Susan and Diane for the pictures.