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Photos - 2019

Memorial Day Cruise

Little Round Bay and Mill Creek
May 26 - 28

5 boats attended the Memorial Day festivities:

The Severn River was a beautiful location for Saturday's raft. Food and drink was plentiful as was the laughter.

We moved to Mill Creek for Sunday's raft with great weather both days. On Sunday, we enjoyed a Picnic dinner on Frisky, followed by breakfast Monday morning.

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photogs Charlene and Arlene for the pictures.

WhiteMagic rafted to 2 Frisky

WhiteMagic, 2 Frisky and Lucia

Lucia and Night Wind


Lucia, Bob, Kevin, Barbara and Doug

Dracarys's crew arriving

Andy and Mic


Mic, Charlene, Lucia and Bob

Lucia, Bob, Arlene, Kevin and Barbara

Barbara, Doug and Lynne

Lucia, Charlene, Cara Lee, Kevin and Barbara

Lucia, Arlene and Kevin

Arlene, with Gus the cat, who decided to visit WhiteMagic, missed his jump and went swimming!