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Photos - 2013

Fall Member Meeting

McElderry Landing and Yates Landing
November 16

The Fall Member Meeting this year also included a progressive dinner at the homes of John and Betty McElderry and Mike and Marie Yates. The meeting started with the election of officers for 2014 and they are:

Following the meeting, we started the dinner with appetizers at McElderry Landing, then walked next door to Yates Landing for entree and dessert. 22 crews were treated to fine food and great company:

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photog Kathy for the pictures.

Chef John

Commodore Diane

Wayne, Vice Commodore Claire and Rich M

Bev and Jeanne H

Gathering for the meeting

Wayne, Rich M, Richard S, Don and Mike Y

Commodore Diane and Vice Commodore Claire start the meeting



Thank you for hosting the meeting

Thank you for hosting the meeting


Wayne and Jeanne B

Bob R and Barbara K

Sue, Mic, Suzanne and Lois


Carolyn, Diane, Richard S, Joan and Lura

Luminaries light the way from McElderry Landing to Yates Landing


Carolyn, Richard S and Vicky

Mario, Mike Y and Marie



Jim, Suzanne, Lois and Dave Z

Richard S and Carolyn

Jessi, Paul and John

Richard S, Carolyn and Maureen


Glen, Douglas and Barbara K

Gerry, Jeanne H, Louie and Leslie


Ensign Hobie, Richard S and Carolyn

John, Mario, Mike Y and Marie

Lura, Dave Z, Richard S, Rich M and Vicky


Bev, Sue and Walt

Al, Mic and Charlene

Richard S, Maureen and Lois

A chorus line?




Charlene, Claire and David D



Lura, Betty and Lois