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Photos - 2013


Truxtun Park
May 11

This year's Icebreaker was at Truxtun Park in Annapolis. Attendees included 18 crews:

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photog Kathy for the pictures.

The dinghy dock for those coming by boat.

Gathering at the pavilion.

John M, Pete and Jeanne



George preps the grill


Walt, Wayne and Debbie

John M, Denise, Jim, Rick and Tara

Time to get cooking


Gerry, Angelina and Mario

Marilyn and Jon V

Vicky, Debbie, Betty, Wayne and Joan

Rich, Claire, Al and Vicky

Mike V, Marilyn, Debbie, Dave, Lois and Walt

Angelina, Mike D, Bev, Joan and Wayne

Rich, Claire, Al and Vicky

Gerry, Jeanne, Rick, Tara, Mike V and Mike D

Betty, Lisa, John M and George

Marilyn, Mike V and Lois

Lori, Bev, Mike D, Vicky and Diane

Joan, Wayne and Marie

Mike V and Mike D

Commodore Diane