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Photos - 2010

Holiday Party

Donahue Landing, Annapolis, MD
December 4th

Ray and Jen Donahue hosted the 2010 CCYC Holiday Party in Annapolis. It was a fun time with the following crews showing up:

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photogs Gerry, Ray and Mike D for the pictures.

Gathering in the Party Room

Ray, Richard, Lynne and Diane

Sue and Marie

Vicky, Marilyn and Jeanne

George, Jon VT, John F and Donna

Kevin, Arlene, Sheila and David

Start the buffet



John M, Mike V and Dan

Betty, Lu and Mark

Diane, Richard, Sue and Marie

Suzanne and Jim





Mike D



Mike V starts the presentations


Thanks to John M for serving as Vice Commodore for 2010

Thanks to Lisa for serving as Treasurer for 2010

Thanks to Mike D for serving as Secretary, Editor and Webmaster for 2010



Mike D presenting Mike V with the award for being the Salty Dog for the last five years

Mike V presenting Dave and Lois Zonderman with the award for being the Salty Dog for 2010

Past Commodore Richard thanks Mike V for serving as Commodore for 2010

Mike V introduces John M as the new Commodore for 2011

Passing of the Commodore Hat





Thanks to Jen and Ray for serving as Captains for the party

The 2011 Officers: Vice Commodore Martha, Treasurer Lisa, Commodore John M, Historian Sue, Editor Mike D, and Cruise Directors Mike Y and Marie

Opening the gifts for the Yankee Swap