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Photos - 2010

November Member Meeting

Yates' Landing, November 13th

A very successful member meeting, but with Chef Marie and her Sous-Chefs preparing a meal, what else would you expect? The hungry members were:

Lura, Marie and Mary Ann

Mary Ann and Lura

The calm before the storm





Mary Ann and Lura

Marie and Mary Ann


Mike Y has invented a better mouse trap

Debbie, Lisa and Marilyn

George, Arlene and Mike deB

Commodore Mike and Marie

Rod and Pat


Mike Y, Kevin and George

Marilyn, Sue, Lisa and Marie

Walt and Debbie

Mike Y

Lori and Mario

Mario and Marie

Lucia and Lori


Jeanne and Lisa

George, Al and Vicky

Sandra and Jon

Kevin and Debbie

Marie and Mary Ann




Marie, Mario and Lori


Mike Y

Marie and Mike

Mario and Lori


Mary Ann and Lura

Ray, Jen, Lu and Mark

Bob and Lucia

Ray and Commodore Mike

Lucia and Jon

Marie, Lori and Mario

Gerry and Commodore Mike

Marilyn and Pat

Jen, Ray, Mark and Debbie