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Photos - 2009

Halloween Raft-up

Sailors' Wharf, Mill Creek , Annapolis, Md
October 31, 2009

As anticipated, the weather wasn't the greatest but 13 crews made it to Sailors' Wharf for the Halloween event; 1 by boat (Dan and Martha), 1 by RV (Walt and Sue), and the rest by car.

There were prizes for best costume, most ghoulish appetizer, eeriest dessert, and scariest drink and the winners were:

Arriving at the dock.

Resolve is decked out for Halloween


Brunelle anchored near the marina

Walt and Sue anchored in the parking lot

Everyone thought Walt and Sue should raft up with Dan and Martha

Larry and Carol arriving

Walt and Sue arriving

Bev shows off her grapes

Illegal aliens Jon and Marilyn

Bev, Walt, Sue, Jon, Debbie, Marilyn, Carol, Larry, David and Bob






Carol and Larry claiming the Best Costume prize

Martha's prize…

…for her Eyeball Appetizer

Brunelle provided the CCYC jack-o-lantern

Marilyn's handmade treat package