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Photos - 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Cruise

San Domingo Creek, Boby Owl Cove
May 23-25

The crews from 9 boats were on hand:

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photog Debbie for the pictures.

The CCYC group was joined by Silhouette, Beckoning and Comfortably Numb

Kathy, Pete and Jon

Mike Y., Mike V., and Jen


Mike V.

Snapshot, Brunelle, and Prego;and Comfortably Numb, Silhouette, and Beckoning in San Domingo Creek

Sunset in San Domingo Creek

Mike Y.



Mike Y. working the rigging

Pete, Mike V., Mike Y., Lucia, Marie and Bob


Bob, Lucia and Marie

Jon, Marilyn, Kathy and Pete

Mike Y., Lucia, Marie, Bob, Donna and Bob

Debbie and Mike


Mike Y., Marie, Lucia and Bob

Jon and Marilyn

Kathy and Pete

Ray and Jen

Snapshot guests Bob and Donna

Mike V.

Ray and Jen

Kathy, Pete and Mike V.

Mike Y., Marie, Lucia and Bob

Jon, Marilyn, Kathy, Mike Y., and Pete