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Photos - 2009

Full Moon Cruise

Rhode River
June 6-7

The theme for this event was Food and Full Moon, with Mario and Marie fixing dinner for everyone.

The crews from 21 boats were on hand:

With the number of boats, we formed three seven-boat rafts. Each raft had their own Happy Hour and then everyone dinghied over to the dinner raft

Viewfinder arriving to start a third raft

Eos arriving

Snapshot coming alongside

Raft of Troubador, Snapshot, Brunelle, Sea Cara, Andiamo, Prego and Scimitar

Raft of Second Wind, Elusive, Rhiannon, Ayewash, Resolve, Ragtime and Eos

Raft of Coelumar, Valinor, Water Racket, Viewfinder, Wind Orchid, Pekabu and Jubilee


Steve checking the boat's bottom

Bob, Bev and Mike D.

Joan and the grandsons, with Mary Ann

Jen and Mario


Ray and Jen


Ray and Jen





Let Happy Hour commence