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Photos - 2012

Halloween Raft-up

Mill Creek, Annapolis
October 27

The weather was surprisingly mild but there was the trick of Sandy the next day, so we stayed at the marina for the party. Still, 10 crews showed for the treats:

The prize winners were:
- Walt and Sue for Best Costume
- Debbie for Best Appetizer
- Marilyn for Best Jack O'lantern

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photogs Kathy, Jennifer and Debbie for the pictures.

"Jack" and Mike V.

Jon and Marilyn, the Lightning People. (Nobody got too close!)

Marie and Mike Y.

Debbie and Mike V., with Jack


Mike D.



Gerry and Walt

Mike D., Debbie, Marilyn and Jon

Jeanne and Sue

Walt, Jason, Jennifer and Mike D.

Dan, Gerry and Dave

Sheila and her sister

Dan and Gerry

Let Happy Hour begin

Dave, Sue and Mike Y.

Jon, Martha, Marilyn, Kathy and Sheila's sister

Sue and Gerry

Jason and Mike D.

Jon, Martha, Marilyn, Kathy and Sheila's sister

Dave, Debbie, Jon, Sue and Marie


Mike D., Marilyn and Mike V.

Pete, Wayne, Walt and Jason

Walt, Jason, Joan, Mike D., Jon, Martha and Marilyn


Jon rigs Jack with his lightning protector

Debbie, Sue and Marie

Martha, Jeanne, Pete, Gerry and Dan

Debbie's snake, mice and spiders sandwich

Marilyn's apple, peanut butter and marshmellow lips

Jason tries the lips

Marilyn's jack o'lantern



Dan, Mike V., Gerry and Pete

Dave's guest, Dave and Jon

Gerry, Dan and Mike Y. aboard Ragtime

Jon and Mike V.

Gerry and Debbie

The spider attacks!