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Photos - 2012

Wine Tasting

Vin 909, Annapolis, MD
February 25th

Members John and Betty McElderry, Andiamo, arranged a Wine Tasting at Vin 909 in Annapolis for 13 crews:

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photog Diana Davis for the pictures.

Gathering at Vin 909



The wines we'll be tasing

The glasses are ready…

…the appetizers are ready, let's begin.

Alex introduces the first wine.



Diane W, Betty and Lucia

Al and Mic

Bev and Bob

Jim M, Chris and Kathy

Bob's the current keeper of the CCYC cane.

Richard and Diane B

Sandy, Don, Debbie and Mike V



Vice Commodore Diane welcomes the group

Let the party continue!

Alex, Marie and John McE

Alex pouring the next round






Debbie, Jim W and Mike V

David and Jim M

Bev, Charlene, Diane B and Marie

Bob and Bev

David, Betty, Chris and Kathy

Mike Y, Al and Jim W chat


Vicky, Lucia and Mic

Diane W

Marie and John McE

Mic, Lucia, Don and Sandy