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Photos - 2011

Holiday Party

Van Tassell Landing, December 3

The annual Holiday Party was hosted by Jon and Marilyn Van Tassell at their home in Sterling Virginia. 21 crews had a great time with socializing, dinner, swaping gifts and singing Christmas songs:

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photogs Kathy, Diane and David for the pictures.

Let the party begin!

John McE, Mike D, Dan and Mike V


Al, Gerry, John McE, Pete and Jim

Marilyn, Gerry and John McE

Walt, Sue and Lura

Maureen and Jeanne

Pam and Sharon

Pete and Jim

Kathy, Sandy and Don


Dan, Mike Y, Sandy, Lisa and Mike V

Vicky and Al

Marilyn, George, Debbie, John McE and Mike V

Lot's of food








Joan, Wayne and Lura

Betty, Gerry, Jim and Debbie

Lura, Bob and Lucia

Time for the show to start



Wayne, Walt, Sue, Joan and John McE

Recognition of Sevilla, Brunelle, Andiamo and Pekabu 3 for their trip south last winter

Recognition of Mike D for participating in the Caribbean 1500

Recognition of George and Lisa for their boat surviving Hurricane Irene, but not their cars!

Recognition of John VT for missing out on the calimari at a CCYC event…

…so the Calamari Award to be worn around his neck so he will always have some calamari with him.

Bob has dropped forks over the side at different events. The Save-a-fork Foundation awards him the Fork For You award.

Recognition of Vicky for coordinating many events this year

Thanking Sue for serving as Historian and her many years of helping CCYC




Thanks to Lisa for serving as Treasurer

Thanks to Mike D for serving as Secretary and Webmaster


Past Commodore Al thanking John McE for serving as Commodore

Thanks to Martha for serving as Vice Commodore…

…and congratulations as the new Commodore

Mike V makes a special presentation to John VT

Translation:You've sold the boat;Stop answering radio calls as Resolve

Post-knee-surgery Mike Y creates the CCYC cane…

…and presents it to the next victim Dan.

Commodore-elect Martha recognizes Vice Commodore-elect Diane


The officers for 2012 - Commodore Martha, Vice Commodore Diane, Treasurer Lisa, Historian Joan and Cruise Director Marie

Secretary Mike is liking this!

Gerry begins the gift swap, with advice from Marie

Lura's looking to steal somebody's gift















Music maestro Richard at the piano

Al gets the singing started