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Photos - 2011

Mar-Mar Food Moon Raft-up

Rhode River, June 11-12

Marie and Mario pulled off another spectacular raft-up and meal and 16 boats (plus Al and Vicky in their powerboat!) were there to sample the goodies:

The dinner raft with Prego, Sea Cara, Brunelle and Andiamo

Raft of Dream Builder, Ayewash and Advocate

Raft of Surprise, Resolve and Narrow Escape

Mugwhump II

Pekabu III

The anchorage

Lucia preparing to join the raft of Escapade and Wind Dancer

Pam, Betty, Gerry, Jeanne and Sharon aboard Andiamo

Richard, Kathy, Martha, Karen, Ken, Pete and Heather aboard Brunelle

George, Philip, Ed and Dan

Karen, Ken, Connie, Heather, Pete, Kathy and Richard aboard Brunelle

Barbara, Debbie, Robert R., Lucia, Mario, Bob K., Mike V. and Lori aboard Sea Cara

Robert R., Lori, Bob K., Lucia and Barbara aboard Sea Cara

Marilyn, Jon V. and Lisa aboard Prego

Jon V., Mike Y., Marie, Vicky and Lisa aboard Prego

Dan and Ed rate the meal Magnifico!

John M taking Belle ashore for her walk