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Photos - 2006

Halloween "Raft-up"

Van Tassell Landing, October 28

The plan was to raft-up off Purdy Point for the Halloween cruise but the forecast was for high winds. It's not a good idea to raft up in 20+ knots of wind, so to prevent everyone having to dinghy over in high wind and cold temps, Jon and Marilyn volunteered to host the Happy Hour and chili at their house.

Seven crews joined up at Van Tassell Landing:

Carla, Gary, Mike, Marie, Sue, Bev, Jeanne and Walt

Sue, Bev, Jeanne, Walt, Gerry and Jon

"Popeye" Bob, Lucia, Gerry and Sue

Carla, Gary, Jeanne, Mike and Bob

Walt, Bev, Carla, Gary, Marie, Bob, Lucia, Mike and Jon

Mike, Marie and Jon

Marie, Marilyn, Mike and Gary

Gary, Mike, Marie, Bev, Jeanne, Sue, Carla and Lucia