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Photos - 2005

Labor Day Weekend

Langford Creek and Corsica River
September 3-5

Anchorage at Cacaway Island in Langford Creek

Lucia, Ayewash and Wye Waite

Exploring the Blue, Ragtime and Resolve, and Pekabu III


HMS Fox and Rhiannon

Pat, with her guests Dick and Karen, as Rod talks to Jeff, Barbara and Marilyn aboard Ragtime

Sue, Vicky, Pete and Martha aboard Exploring the Blue

Happy Hour begins on Ragtime and Exploring the Blue

Arrrrgh! It be Captain Jon, the scourge of the Bay!


Gary and Carla arrive from Sassy

Somebody drop something?

Pass the Jello Shooters



Table for 13, please

Wye Waite moving from Langford Creek to the Corsica River

Exploring the Blue, Rhiannon, and Foxfire at anchor

Resolve, Ragtime, and Sassy at anchor

Ragtime, and Sassy at anchor

Loon-a-Sea at anchor

Gerry, Jon and Dick

Misha, Kathy, Al and John


Mike and Bev

Rod, Pat and Jon

Al, Jon, Bob, Mike and Bev

Jeanne, Bev and Claire

Marilyn, Karen and Dick

Rod, Walt and Lucia


Misha, Kathy, Al, Dennis, John and Carla


Martha, Lucia, and Dan


Charlie the parrot

Infinity at anchor

Walt taking it easy

Pete and Kathy enjoying Happy Hour

Mike and Sue share a laugh

Commodore Al

Wye Waite's crew, Janet and Dick

Ayewash, Lucia and Wye Waite at anchor

Foxfire at anchor

Ayewash leaving the raft-up

Wye Waite breaking away from Lucia

Wye Waite departing

Rod and Pat

Rhiannon flying her kite

Lucia running downwind

Lucia heading home