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Photos - 2021

CCYC Pool Party and Crab Feast

Kearney Landing
August 21

It took three years and a lot of consternation with contractors on their part, but Captains Doug and Barb hosted a fantastic event! As Claire Miller aptly said of our hosts:

WOW -- what a truly enjoyable and relaxing time on Saturday. Thank you so much for your hospitality at "The Oasis"! You are amazing visionaries and builders. I am blown away with how you have transformed your property. I love the design and how you created lots of ways for enjoyment throughout. The food was fabulous. Your burger and crabcake could win best of Annapolis in my book! You both worked so hard on Saturday to make it a special time and it was that and more. I vote Doug and Barb - Raft Captains of the Year!

Nine crews were at the event:

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photogs Bev, Charlene and Rich M for the pictures.

The Oasis

Andy, Mike and Rod

Mic, Doug, Rich S and Rich M

Charlene, Diane, Tina and Claire

Rich S and Tina

Rich M, Doug and Rod

Bev, Diane, Rich S, Claire, Tine, Barb K and Doug

Tina, Barb R and Bob

Tina and Diane going down to the dock on the funicular

Charlene, Tina, Diane and Claire


Cove of Cork and the view of the Rte 50 bridge from the dock

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