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Photos - 2015

Labor Day Cruise

Sassafras River to Corsica River
September 2-7

The cruise included stops in Still Pond, Sassafras River, Swan Creek and Corsica River. 15 crews showed up for all or part of the cruise:

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photog Kathy for the pictures.

Still Pond sunset


Doing dinghy doggie duty

Sunrise in Still Pond

Enroute to Sassafras River

No wind today

Docking in Georgetown

Georgetown sunrise

Betty and Lois in Swan Creek raft-up

Alice, Dave Z and Martha

Rick, Carolyn, Martha and Mike M

Dave Do, Dave Du and John

Kathy aboard Andiamo in Corsica River

Martha, Carolyn and Mike M

Tara, Debbie and Lois

Rick, Dan and Tara

Dan, Alice, Tara, Debbie, Lois and Betty

John, Betty, Al and Vickie

Barb, Dave Do, Alice and Dave Du

Bob, Barb Dave Do

Maureen, Mike V, Lisa and George

Glen and Dan

George and Lisa

Lisa and Jeannie

Dan and Martha


Glen, Martha, Debbie and Dan

Bob, Barb, Dory and Dan

Sunset on the Corsica River

Mike V, Vickie and Debbie

Sunrise and dew

Corsica River raft-up



Dan and Dory visiting Baywind

Dave Do, John, Betty, Pete, Kathy, Al, Vickie, Debbie and Mike V

George, Bob, Alice, Glen, Martha, Maureen, Dave Du and Lisa

Narrow Escape heading home