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Photos - 2008

Purdy Point Raft-up

Purdy Point
July 26-27

Resolve held the club's first "Sail-In Movie". There were six boats in attendance:

The weather reports, as well as a large powerboat raft that anchored too close, limited our ability to raft up. However, after some water taxiing, all were aboard Resolve for cocktails and appetizers.

At show time, the wind was quite strong but, thanks to Al and Vickie for some last minute engineering help, the screen was lashed to Rhiannon's mast and boom. The "box 'o bungies" really came in handy. The crowd gathered on Resolve's cabin top, beverages, popcorn and movie candy in hand, to watch the show. Wind was a big hit. I can't remember when a party lasted past midnight and I am wondering when I am going to stop finding Milk Duds, popcorn, etc. rolling around on deck.

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photog David for the pictures.

Somerset and Scarlett

Lucia and Bob arriving via Mike's Dink Taxi


Debbie, Jaye and Lucia

Bryan and Kim arriving via Mike's Dink Taxi



Bryan, Kim, Lucia and Vicky

David, Chelsie and Bob

Matt, Bob, Chelsie, Jaye and Debbie

Lucia, Mike, Al and Kim

Sherry and Patrick

Patrick and Mike

Al and Kim

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