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Photos - 1999

Holiday Party

Home of Mike
and Bev Davis
December 1999

Jeanne and Gerry Helldorfer

Wayne Savage, Bill Weeks

Sharon Weeks, AJ Eller and Bev Davis

Joan Savage

Bill Weeks

Giorgio and Janet Borgiotti, David Hobson

Sharon Weeks and Ray Harris

Pete Denholm

Karen Denholm

Ray Harris, Wayne Savage and Sharon Weeks

Rob and Mike Davis

Carolyn Nieves, Pete Denholm and Ray Nieves

Gerry Helldorfer, Ray Harris and Giorgio Borgiotti

Bev Davis, Janet Borgiotti, AJ Eller and Jeanne Helldorfer

Ray Harris, Patti and David Hobson

Wayne Savage, Giorgio and Janet Borgiotti

Mike Davis, Pete and Karen Denholm