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February 28
Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Tour

March 13
Spring Member Meeting

April 3
Flag Raising Brunch

May 1-2
Quietwaters Park

May 29-31
Memorial Day
Drum Point and Hunting Creek

June 25-27
Catalina Rendezvous
Baltimore Inner Harbor

July 3-5
4th of July
Mill Creek and Lake Ogleton

July 24-25
Little Round Bay

August 14
Crab Feast
Cheshire Crab, Bodkin Creek

September 4-6
Labor Day Weekend
Plaindealing Cr and Dun Cove

October 2-3
Lake Ogleton

October 23-24
Purdy Point, Magothy River

November 13
Fall Member Meeting
Ram's Head, Annapolis

December 11
Holiday Party
Waite's Landing


4th of July Raft-up

Mill Creek and Lake Ogleton, July 3-5


4th of July

Sassy enroute to the raft-up

4th of July

I hope they're not looking for the raft-up!

4th of July

Whodathunkit, Surprise, Ayewash, Exploring the Blue, Ragtime, Rhiannon, Lucia, and Sassy form the raft in Mill Creek

4th of July

The back side of the raft

4th of July

Happy Hour aboard Ragtime with Rich & Claire Miller, Marilyn & Jon Van Tassell, Bev Davis, Lucia Casale, Jeanne Helldorfer, and Connie Dooley

4th of July

Happy Hour aboard Ragtime with Jeanne & Gerry Helldorfer, Bob Klimek, Connie Dooley, Vicky Lohman and guest

4th of July

Happy Hour aboard Ragtime with Mike, Lynn & Sammie Steer, Gary Morgan, Rich & Claire Miller, and Marilyn & Jon Van Tassell

4th of July

Sammie takes a shine to Rich

4th of July

Sammie tries to take Connie's wine.

4th of July

Coelumar and Surprise maneuver as the raft breaks up in Lake Ogleton