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Going South with Gerry and Jeanne Helldorfer


10+ good things to add to your boat for the waterway

  1. Full cockpit enclosure
  2. Ham radio email
  3. Egg crate bunk pads
  4. Big batteries
  5. Really good lighting
  6. Cockpit VHF or speaker w/vol control
  7. His and her binoculars
  8. Shelves in lockers
  9. Fuel cans for Catalinas
  10. Dinghy davits
  11. TV antenna and cable tv connection

10+ more things to add to your boat for the Bahamas

  1. Two really big anchors and heavy chain
  2. Ham or marine SSB receiver
  3. Max freezer capability
  4. Small generator, big battery charger
  5. Backup VHF radio
  6. Extra water storage - 50 gal per person
  7. GPS - learn to use the rhumb line display
  8. Dinghy kit (anchor, VHF, water, etc.)
  9. Spare parts (filters, pumps, eyeglasses)
  10. Comfortable deck cushions
  11. Extra boat hook

Things we liked

  1. Endless summer
  2. Key Largo - Marina del Mar
  3. Incredible beaches
  4. New friends
  5. Almost every place we stopped
  6. Fresh bread
  7. Offshore adventure
  8. No schedules
  9. Exuma land & sea park
  10. Traveling with the Gandys and Wesleys

Things we hated

  1. Dirty marina showers
  2. Canned food
  3. Strong weather fronts
  4. Ocean inlets - strong cross currents
  5. Waterway fishermen
  6. Florida Marine Patrol
  7. Inconvenient storage

10 best reasons to make the trip soon

  1. Life is short - eat dessert first
  2. You already spent $800 on a video camera and $1000 on a digital camera
  3. You had to write a composition in high school on "What I did on my summer vacation" and you couldn't think of anything to write
  4. You find the look of women smoking real cuban cigars highly erotic
  5. It's better in the Bahamas
  6. There are still a few things in the West Marine catalog that you don't already own
  7. Y2K glitches are expected to cause Boeing 747s to no longer be able go to windward better than sailboats
  8. You've already spent a fortune on the boat and you need to explain this to your relatives
  9. You love the taste of canned peas and where else could you justify eating them
  10. Soon you won't even be able to remember your spouse's name