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Drum Point, Wye River
August 26-27

Mike and Bev Davis, Ayewash

A blue moon refers to a second full moon that occurs within the same month, which typically happens only once every two and a half years. The most recent blue moon, for example, occurred in October 2020. It doesn't appear blue. The term originates from a 16 century expression, in which a blue moon referred to something that rarely happened,

In August, there will be a second full moon, which will also be at the closest point to earth this year, making it a super moon as well.

So the theme for this raftup is, you guessed it, anything blue - outfits, drinks, food, etc.

We will be anchored off of Drum Point in the Wye River (Location) by 3:00 on Saturday and ready to start the raftup. Happy Hour will start at 5:00, just in time to watch the super blue moon rise.




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Planned Attendees

  • Mike and Bev Davis, Ayewash (Captain)

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