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Photos - 2014

Game Night

Lohman Landing
January 18

The 9th Game Night turned out to be more music than games. Richard connected his computer, mixer and speaker to the hosts' electric piano and Mick brought his electric guitar and amp. After a pot luck dinner that included a pasta casserole, Thai rice, fried rice and chili, these two musicians played for over two hours. The crowd sang along with some solos, duets and entire choruses. We just never got to the games and nobody minded at all. It could have been the wine, the great musicianship or everybody just likes to sing! Whatever it was a great night. 11 crews were there:

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photogs Al and Charlene for the pictures.


Carolyn and Al sing a tune


Claire and Joan just gotta dance


Ray, Barb, Doug, Joan and Wayne

Joan and Wayne



Still dancin'

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