Lands' End Products LandsEnd Tag

Lands End Logo CCYC has registered this logo with the Lands' End Company, so now you can order shirts, shorts, sweaters, jackets, towels, bags, caps,...lots of nice things... and show your club pride. The logo fee is $5.95 per item with no minimum for almost all items. (There are some items that have a required minimum for an order, e.g., mugs, pens and other promotional products.)

So how do you order?

  1. Click on to open the Lands' End Business Outfitters website.
  2. If you already have a Business Outfitters account with Lands' End, click on Sign in. If not, click on Register and establish an account.
  3. When asked, enter customer number 3734926 and logo number 0293177.
  4. Browse through the products and decide what items you want to order.

If you need any assistance placing your online order, call the Lands' End Internet Department at 800-990-5426.