Chester River Cruise

August 25 - September 1

David and Alice Dunham, September Song

We have developed the following schedule for the Chester River Cruise. Weather could always be a factor in our selection of destinations, so a change in this schedule is always possible.

If you can't come for the entire week's cruise up the Chester River, please join us for the weekend (arriving Friday or Saturday) via boat or car, just an hour's drive from the Bay Bridge. On Saturday, August 26, we will be having a Crab and Shrimp Feast (steak available) at Dunham's Landing.

Friday, August 25

Fairlee Creek Plot We will rendezvous in Fairlee Creek (Get a slip at Great Oak Landing (GOL) Marina or anchor in harbor/raft up) on Friday. Please join us for dinner at the GOL restaurant at 1900. Please advise when you RSVP if you plan to join us for dinner so we can make the appropriate number of reservations. If you plan to take a slip, please call GOL at 1-800-LANDING. Mention you're with CCYC and they will try to keep members together. GOL charges include slip fee of $2.75 per/foot and electrical of $6/day for single 30 amp and $12/day for 50 amp.

Mears Great Oak Landing
22170 Great Oak Landing Rd.
Chesterton, MD 21620
800-Landing (800-526-3464)

The Fairlee Creek entrance has just been dredged to a MLW depth of 7 feet with a 75' channel width so entry should be a lot easier now. For planning purposes, high tides at Fairlee Creek entrance are based on tides nearby at the Worton Creek entrance:

  • Friday, August 25 at 11:13 AM
  • Saturday, August 26 at 11:55 AM
  • Sunday, August 27 at 12:37 PM

Make sure to check the Maryland Tide Chart for your actual time of passage.

Saturday, August 26

Many activities are available - visit the beach on the bay, swimming pool at the motel, and work-out center at the motel. Drinks in the afternoon at Jelly Fish Joel's beach bar from 1300-1700 (live band). For golfers, why not try GOL's executive golf course? The course has a variety of par 4s and par 3s.

Dunham's Landing Map Dinner is scheduled for 1800 at Dunham's Landing, just a 10 minute walk from the marina. For those who would like a ride, that can be arranged by calling 410-810-3059. Food choices will include:

  • Steamed crabs (large #1)
  • Steamed spiced shrimp
  • Grilled steak (for non-crab eaters)
  • Corn-on-the-cob
  • Cornbread
  • Cold slaw
  • Dessert
  • Ice tea and soft drinks

Please advise when you submit your RSVP which dinner selection and quantity you prefer. Cost is:

  • Steamed crabs cost $9.00 for 3 (current market price, subject to change) (order multiples of 3)
  • Steamed spiced shrimp cost $7.50 per 1/2 pound (order by half pound)
  • Grilled steak (approx. 8 oz) cost $10.00
  • Cover charge of $5.00 per person to cover paper products, side dishes, and soft drinks and ice tea
  • Attendees will need to BYOB

Dunham's Landing
10165 John Carvill Rd
Chestertown, MD 21620
410-810-3059 (H), 410-708-6331 (C) (for use during the cruise)

Sunday, August 27

Swan Creek Plot We will hold a breakfast potluck at Dunham's Landing at 0900. Alice will coordinate a menu with cruise attendees. After brunch, we will head out to Swan Creek in Rock Hall.

Monday, August 28

Corsica River Plot Anchor or raft-up in the Corsica River.

Tuesday, August 29

CRYCC Plot Travel to Chester River Yacht and Country Club (CRYCC) on the Chester River near Chestertown where you can anchor or take a slip. To reserve a slip, please make your own reservations by calling 443-480-9640 and speak to Dick Swanson, Dock Master. CRYCC charges include slip fee of $2.00 a foot and electrical of $10 for single 30 amp or 50 amp/day. Slip fees include use of the pool, golf course (green fee charge), and the club house. We will plan to have appetizers on September Song at 1730 and then have dinner at 1900 in the club house.

Wednesday, August 30

We will continue to enjoy the CRYCC facility and dingy or walk to Chestertown. If you enjoy the CRYCC facility and activities and the weather is hot we can skip our next stop at Reed Creek and spend another day at CRYCC.

Thursday, August 31

Reed Creek Plot Anchor or raft up in Reed Creek across from Lankford Bay.

Friday, September 1

Plot We will be arriving early at Langford Bay for the Labor Day weekend. You can anchor out or take a slip at Lankford Bay Marina. If you would like to take a slip, please make your own reservations at 410-778-1414. Specify that you are with CCYC. The marina has a picnic area by the pool for those who want to share appetizer and grill dinner.

Labor Day weekend activities are planned by Captains Bob and Barb Redlow. See the CCYC schedule for activities.



Planned Attendees

  • David and Alice Dunham, September Song (Captain)
  • Don McBride
  • Dan and Martha Bliss, Brunelle
  • Rich and Clare Miller, Viewfinder
  • Kathy and Pete Bruzik, Pekabu III


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