Just Sail  
Just Sail Weekend

Rhode River and Selby Bay
June 16-17

Mike and Marie Yates, Prego

Just sail, drop a hook and sail another day

Mike and Marie Yates, Prego, along with Richard and Diane, plan a weekend of sailing and anchoring in and around the Rhode River starting on Friday, June 16 to wish a bon voyage to the sailors joining Dave and Alice Dunham as they head down south.

The theme is simple: Meet at the Rhode River (click here for plot) on Friday by 5:00 pm. BYOB and an appetizer to share. That's it.

We will raft-up to accommodate all.

The next day, we'll be wind seekers and sail all day ending up by 5:00 pm at Selby Bay (click here for plot) … and do it all again. BYOB and another appetizer to share.

Sunday, sail as desired and/or crank up your engines and go! We're done.


Planned Attendees

  • Mike and Marie Yates, Prego (Captain)
  • Richard Schatz and Diane Benyus
  • Bob Klimek and Lucia Casale, Lucia
  • Mike and Bev Davis, Ayewash
  • Gerry and Jeanne Helldorfer, Ragtime


Charlene and Mick Osman
Nightwind plans to join in the Rhode River on Friday evening.

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