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February 20
Wine Tasting
Pearmund Cellars, VA

March 20
Member Meeting
Severn Inn, Annapolis

April 2
Chesapeake YC

May 14
Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis

May 28-30
Memorial Day Weekend
Rock Hall and Purdy Pt.

June 11-12
Aberdeen Creek Raftup
Aberdeen Creek

July 2-4
4th of July Cruise

July 29-31
Catalina Rendezvous
Solomons Island

August 6
Clam and Lobster Bake
Miles River YC, St Michaels

September 2-5
Labor Day Cruise
Potomac River

October 1-2
Rhode River

October 29
Halloween Raft-up
Mill Creek, Annapolis

November 12
Fall Member Meeting
Maryland Inn

December 3
Holiday Party
Carrols's Creek Cafe


Catalina Rendezvous

Solomons Island
July 29-31

16 crews showed up:

  • Mike and Bev Davis, Ayewash (Captain)
  • Rod Swank and Dennise Fath, Moxie
  • Dave and Alice Dunham, September Song
  • John and Betty McElderry, Andiamo
  • Dan and Martha Bliss, Brunelle
  • Patrick Nugent and Mary Kay Rehard, Peponi
  • Maureen and Glen Nemecek, Sevilla
  • Lois and Dave Zonderman, Walkabout
  • Mike and Marie Yates, Prego
  • Kathy and Pete Bruzik, Pekabu III
  • Barbara and Bob Redlow, Narrow Escape
  • Kevin and Arlene Prescott, 2 Frisky
  • Jon and Marilyn Van Tassell, Escapade
  • Miles and Lisa McNamee, Irish Mist
  • Hank and Susan Recla, BayTripper
  • Kinne and Piper Sutton, Changin' Channels

Thanks and a tip o' the hat to photogs Kathy and Mike D for the pictures.


Catalina Rendezvous

Lining up to register

Catalina Rendezvous

Marilyn, Jon, Lisa and Miles

Catalina Rendezvous

Rod and Dennise are next

Catalina Rendezvous

It's dinner time

Catalina Rendezvous


Catalina Rendezvous


Catalina Rendezvous

Mike always has some wine

Catalina Rendezvous

Arlene, Kevin, Jon and Marilyn

Catalina Rendezvous

Martha, Dan, Marilyn and Jon cut a … uh … dirt rug?

Catalina Rendezvous

Kathy and Martha line dancing

Catalina Rendezvous

Mike and Lisa twist away