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January 19
Game Night
Lohman Landing

March 2
Wine Tasting
Pearmund Cellars

March 23
Spring Member Meeting
Rusty Scupper, Baltimore, MD

April 21
Carrolls Creek Cafe, Annapolis

May 11
Truxtun Park

May 25
Memorial Day Weekend
West River

June 1 - 9
Cruise North
Chester and Miles River

June 21 - 23
Dock Party
Mitch's Landing

July 4 - 7
4th of July Raft-up
Corsica River

July 26 - 28
CYC Rendezvous
Chesapeake Yacht Club

August 10-11
Clam and Lobster Bake
Miles River Yacht Club

August 31- Sep 8
Labor Day and
Cruise South

October 12
Paula's Landing

October 20
Wine Dinner
Chesapeake Yacht Club

October 26
Halloween Raft-up
Mill Creek

October 27
Frank Butler Brunch
Middleton Tavern

November 16
Fall Member Meeting
McElderry Landing and Yates Landing

December 7
Holiday Party
Federal House


4th of July Raft-up

Corsica River
July 4 - 7

The cruise was a very relaxing time. For everyone heading north to the Corsica River, it was a great sail with 10-15 knots of wind from the south.

After arriving at the anchorage, everyone was having a good time and enjoying the time, so we decided there was no need to move and stayed the whole weekend there. That included some guest 470s and a guest 30 visiting the Chesapeake Bay from Austin, TX. Bob and Karen Jones are cruising the bay in their Catalina 30 Watercolors and you'll see them at some more of our events. All in all, we had 15 boats show up for the long weekend:

  • Jon and Marilyn Van Tassell, Escapade (Captain)
  • Lucia Casale and Bob Klimek, Lucia
  • Mike Davis, Ayewash
  • Louie and Leslie DeCamp, Victory II
  • David Dobbins, Scarlett
  • Gerry and Jeanne Helldorfer, Ragtime
  • Miles and Lisa McNamee, Irish Mist
  • John and Colleen Miller, Dulcinea
  • Richard and Claire Miller, Viewfinder
  • Glen and Maureen Nemecek, Sevilla
  • George and Lisa Thuman, Bay Wind
  • Mike Vaccaro and Debbie Smith, Resolve
  • Bob and Karen Jones, Watercolors
  • Mike Carson and Becca, (No Name)
  • Peter and Audrey Fitchman, Light Waves

Thanks to Rich and Gerry for taking pictures!


4th of July


4th of July

Sevilla and Viewfinder

4th of July

Raft of No name, Dulcinea, Irish Mist and Victory II, and Lucia

4th of July

Scarlett, raft of Resolve, Escapade, Ayewash and Ragtime, and Sevilla

4th of July

Raft of Resolve, Escapade, Ayewash and Ragtime, and Sevilla

4th of July


4th of July

Bay Wind

4th of July

Jeanne doesn't need a dinghy

4th of July

Mike C has an even faster way of getting around

4th of July

Our hosts Marilyn and Jon V

4th of July

Bob K, Debbie, Lisa T, Mike V and Claire

4th of July

George, Rich, Mareen and Jeanne

4th of July

Karen, Bob J, David and George

4th of July

David, George, Rich and Maureen

4th of July