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January 19
Game Night
Lohman Landing

March 2
Wine Tasting
Pearmund Cellars

March 23
Spring Member Meeting
Rusty Scupper, Baltimore, MD

April 21
Carrolls Creek Cafe, Annapolis

May 11
Truxtun Park

May 25
Memorial Day Weekend
West River

June 1 - 9
Cruise North
Chester and Miles River

June 21 - 23
Dock Party
Mitch's Landing

July 4 - 7
4th of July Raft-up
Corsica River

July 26 - 28
CYC Rendezvous
Chesapeake Yacht Club

August 10-11
Clam and Lobster Bake
Miles River Yacht Club

August 31- Sep 8
Labor Day and
Cruise South

October 12
Paula's Landing

October 20
Wine Dinner
Chesapeake Yacht Club

October 26
Halloween Raft-up
Mill Creek

October 27
Frank Butler Brunch
Middleton Tavern

November 16
Fall Member Meeting
McElderry Landing and Yates Landing

December 7
Holiday Party
Federal House


Cruise North

Chester and Miles River
June 1 - 9

The 2013 Cruise North started SOUTH of the Bay Bridge but north of Drum Point on the Wye River! Eight boats gathered on Saturday, June 1st in the lee of Wye Island for an evening of feasting and fables.


There were two rafts of three boats and two singletons. Raft #1: Resolve, Mike Vaccaro and Debbie Smith; Brunelle, Dan and Martha Bliss; Escapade, Jon and Marilyn Van Tassell. Raft#2: Andiamo, John and Betty McElderry; Prego, Mike and Marie Yates; Bay Wind, George and Lisa Thuman. Ragtime, Gerry and Jeanne Helldorfer, and Valinor, Jim Mosher anchored by themselves.

Everyone gathered on Brunelle for a feast of heavy hors d'oeuvres and eventually spread across the three rafted boats as serious discussions developed. The weather was delightful in spite of earlier forecasts to the contrary.

Belle (John and Betty's dog) shows Dory (Dan and Martha's new crewmate) what a beach is for.

Bay Wind and Escapade were planning to leave late morning and opted not to go on a dinghy exploration adventure. Andiamo also had to head home but opted to join the dinghies from Brunelle and Resolve in a trip to Wye Landing. Marie and Mike Yates joined us too. Mike and Debbie turned around at the bridge that crosses over to Wye Island (their 6 horse couldn't keep up) and the other two dinghies continued on to give the two dogs a chance to run at Wye Landing. The dinghies didn't get back until 10:30 and found Bay Wind and Escapade ready to leave. Weather and the tide had George a bit worried. Andiamo joined them---leaving before Bloody Mary's on Brunelle. The remaining 5 boats relaxed and watched the storms brewing to the west, wondering if they would hit while we all were aboard Ragtime for a sumptuous feast prepared by Jeanne. Sure enough the storm blew in 10 minutes before dinner, but with 4 guys working, they put Ragtime's enclosure on in record time and the diners stayed dry! All was quiet and clear when we headed back to our own boats (no rafting tonight.)

Monday meant Ragtime had to leave us---grandchild's graduation. The four remaining boats headed out the Wye River and into the Miles River. We didn't have enough wind to sail, so we motored past St. Michael's and around the bend in the river to anchor in Hunting Creek.


The weather reports were benign so all four, Brunelle, Resolve, Prego and Valinor rafted. Tonight was Marie's turn to cook. (We realized there would be four nights at anchor and four boats along for all or part of the week, so we assigned each boat one dinner, Valinor had the assignment to provide desserts. Everyone agreed it was a great plan---and very easy on the cooks!) It goes without saying that Marie's dinner was fabulous... and so were Jim's desserts!

We had arranged to take two slips at the CBMM in St. Michael's because we wanted to attend the free concert given by the Naval Academy's Commandant's Quartet.


Clockwise from the top: Mike, Marie, Jim, Mike, Debbie, Martha(w/ Dory) and Dan; Dory was the belle of the ball; two anchored out; two dockside; Dan's shot from the top of the lighthouse; and the Quartet in the center.

We had heavy snacks aboard Brunelle before taking our lawn chairs and cushions to join the crowd on the Museum lawn for the jazz concert. The St. Michael's Fire Department was selling food and Rosie's bar supplied drinks. It was a beautiful evening and we all enjoyed the music. Valinor was up and gone before 6 am the next morning.

Our longest day was Wednesday. As we headed across the bay in a flat calm, we realized we couldn't keep up with Resolve and Prego. We stopped mid-bay and Dan dove down to check the prop. It was covered with "bumpy stuff" which he proceeded to scrape off in successive dives. After about twenty minutes, we were up and running again, making 2 more knots than before! We all missed our old hangout for the Icebreaker, so we anchored in Harness Creek for the night. Prego called our Commodoress and invited Diane and Richard out for cocktails. It was great to catch up with them.

Martha, Diane, Debbie and Marie and the guys: Mike Y., Richard, Mike V. and Dan for drinks and dinner.

Debbie's turn to cook tonight and she wasn't to be outdone by the previous dinners, so we had another delicious meal.

FINALLY on Thursday, we got a chance to sail. We knew the weather was forecast to turn ugly late in the day and tropical storm "Andrea" was going to bring even worse stuff on Friday, so we headed for Brunelle's home marina, Lippincott. Dan arranged for Resolve and Prego to have a slip and Brunelle slipped into her own slip. The original plan had been to be up the Chester at Lankford Bay Marina with a chance for dinner ashore, but instead we headed to one of Grasonville's best---The Jetty for our dinner ashore.


Friday was as predicted---rain, rain and more rain, accompanied by wind. The girls headed to the Queenstown Outlet Mall while the guys regrouped and relaxed. The girls returned in time to let the guys hit West Marine for their "fix". Dinner was aboard Brunelle, and not bad if I do say so myself.

Weather forecasts were lousy for Saturday, but CCYC sailors are not to be discouraged and several still planned to join the end of our adventure in Shaw Bay.


Raft #1: Brunelle, Dan and Martha Bliss; Rhiannon, Al and Vicky Lohman; Resolve, Mike Vaccaro and Debbie Smith. Raft#2: Prego, Mike and Marie Yates; Sea Cara, Mario Taisch and Lori Burkhart; Refuse, Lewis and Cindy Diana. Andiamo, John and Betty McElderry and Southern Pilot, Ed and Connie Dooley anchored by themselves.


Luckily the weathermen were wrong and it was a beautiful evening. We gathered aboard Brunelle again for more luscious fare. All in all a great week on the Bay.