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January 21
Pot Luck and Game Night
Lohman Landing

February 25
Wine Tasting
Vin 909, Annapolis

March 24
Spring Member Meeting
Chart House, Alexandria, VA

April 21
Pussers, Annapolis

May 12
Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis

May 26
Memorial Day Weekend Cruise
Langford Creek and Corsica River

June 9
Night at the Theater

June 10-17
Cruise North
Chester River and Baltimore

June 30 - July 8
Choptank River Cruise
St Michaels, La Trapp Creek,
Cambridge, Trippe Creek

July 21-22
CYC Rendezvous
West River

August 11-12
Clam & Lobster Bake
Miles River Yacht Club,
St Michaels, MD

September 1-3
Labor Day Weekend Cruise
San Domingo Creek

September 29-30
Rhode River

October 27-28
Halloween Raft-up
Mill Creek, Annapolis

November 10
Fall Member Meeting
Italian Market, Annapolis

December 8
Holiday Party
Davis Landing


Pot Luck and Game Night

Lohman Landing, January 21st

As always, another fun night at the Lohmans' Game Night. 17 crews showed up for a mexican dinner and rounds of Pirate Dice and Pictionary:

  • Al and Vicky Lohman, Rhiannon (Captain)
  • Diane Benyus and Richard Schatz, Scimitar
  • Jim and Suzanne Bergeron, Quebecois
  • Dan and Martha Bliss, Brunelle
  • Donald and Sandra Crone, Mirabella
  • Mike and Bev Davis, Ayewash
  • David Dobbins, Scarlett
  • Ed and Connie Dooley, Surprise
  • Gerry and Jeanne Helldorfer, Ragtime
  • John and Betty McElderry, Andiamo
  • Mark and Luana Norman, Bali Hai
  • Wayne and Joan Savage, Jubilee
  • George and Lisa Thuman III, Wind Dancer
  • Mike Vaccaro and Debbie Smith, Resolve
  • Jon and Marilyn Van Tassell, Escapade
  • Lura Wharton, Troubador
  • Lois and Dave Zonderman, Walkabout

Holiday Party

Dave, Jon, Jim, Grant and George

Holiday Party

Luana, Wayne, Mark, Lisa and John McE

Holiday Party

Mike V, John McE, Lisa and Mark

Holiday Party

Don, Dan, Gerry and Ed

Holiday Party

Mike and Debbie play Pirates' Dice

Holiday Party

Betty, Suzanne, Linda and Sandy

Holiday Party

Lu, David Z, Lois and Jim

Holiday Party

Uh oh! Mark's out.

Holiday Party

Martha, Jeanne, Connie, Ed, Lisa and Wayne

Holiday Party

Lisa, Jeanne, Wayne, Martha, Connie and Ed

Holiday Party

Don at Wii Bowling, with David D and Jon watching

Holiday Party

David D, Don, Jon, Al and George

Holiday Party

97 pins? Just need to pick up the 1-3-100 split

Holiday Party

Lois, Vicky, Debbie, John McE, Betty, Diane, Sandy and Linda play Pictionary